Breakfast in Melbourne (Australia)

Eggs Benedict on bagel, harsh brown and avocado

Breakfast is a very important meal for melbournians, they can spend hours sat at cafe terrasses drinking coffee. While egg and bacon roll is the most traditional breakfast in Australian, Melbourne’s one is particurlarly elaborated and can be served in some places til 4 pm.

During the week end, the breakfast is often the only meal of the day as it is very consistant and that you spend a few hours at the same cafe. There is plenty of very different dishes available but the most commun is certainly eggs benedict. This consists of poached eggs and ham or turkey, whole wheat bread or bagel with a hollandaise sauce. Most of the time you can pick up different extras between avocado, harsh brown, tomato relish, garlic mushrooms or bacon. The breakfast is aways taken with friends in cafes, it’s really rare to stay at your own place. The cost of a big one with coffee is between 15 and 20 AUS dol, quite expensive, but you are full for the rest of the day!

And the most important is probably THE coffee! Coffee makers in Melbourne are genuine artists, able to make 7 or more different sorts of coffees with a perfect taste, perfect quantity of foam and cream and the must a beautiful drawing (most of the time a heart or a flower) on it. You can choose between Full cream milk, ‘Skinny Milk’, Soy milk, ‘Skinny Soy milk’, decaf… and between a latte, flat white, macchiato, short black, long black,… As a beginner coffee maker, I am sometimes in situations where people are asking me for a ‘Decaf skinny soy Moccachino’ ;  not really understandable for a French person used to expressos !

(Brkft experience from Claire)

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