Breakfast in our appartment (Paris, France)

This breakfast experience happens to be at home.

First time on the blog !

At home, on Sundays, breakfasts are special. Mainly because we have more time to cook them (well, still up to 20 minutes “quand même”!). They are not a brunch, no! But a bit more than weekday breakfasts.

Week after week, we get bored of your traditional Sunday breakfast. Although our French-Scottish alliance has made us preparing dishes belonging to both country cultures : toasts but eggs, butter but potato scones, fruit but porridge…

My duty this week is to prepare 1/ something different 2/ something including cream

Why cream ?

Well, because I was, for the first time, invited to a blogger session in a Parisian cooking school. We cooked a starter and a main course with cream. But no breakfast !

And because this tasty product has been loosing its value in the eyes of eaters for the last few years, with an increase of the trend promoting non animal fats. That is a shame because cream is good and also brings interesting nutrients to your body.

Did you know that the invention of cream is almost as old as the invention of farming ? That to obtain it, you leave fresh whole milk alone, and that after a while, the cream forms on top ? That for a long long time, cream was only used to make butter ? That to make sour cream, you add a bacteria to it, just like yoghurt and cheese ? That we find this ingredient in the first French cooking books (and that is before the Franch revolution in 1789) ?

If you know all this, you already belong to the cream club.

So here we are, triple challenge: cooking a “personal” and French-Scottish breakfast with cream.

Here are the ingredients I chose (and that were available in the kitchen) to make eggs with creamy spinash (for 2): 2 eggs, 10 cL liquid cream, about 100g of frozen spinash, some butter, some baguette (or other bread), nutmeg, salt and pepper. 2 ramequins an a dish to make a “bain Marie” (to steam the eggs in the oven).

You can first butter the 2 ramequins and pour an egg in each.

Add some shredded nutmeg an some salt on the egg white (if you pour it on the yolk, it will make not so nice white spots on it).

Unfroze the spinash by putting it in the microwave for 2 min.

Turn the oven on, 200°C and add the wide dish + 1cm of water in the dish.

Blend the spinash with the cream, add salt and pepper to taste.

There is no added coulouring, this is the magic of spinash !

When the oven is at temperature, add the 2 ramequins and cook for 8-10 min (until the egg white is cooked and the egg yolk still runny).

Toast and cut a slice of bread to make what we call in French “mouillettes” (see the last picture).

If you want, you can warm up a bit the creamy spinash before serving.

Add some creamy spinash in each ramequin.

Here we go !

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