The breakfast project brunch – Lei’s spring soup

Lei had brought a special Chinese soup, aiming at re-balancing our body during this period of transition between winter and spring.

When the seasons change, one is at risk of feeling ill or tired (that could explained my cold of this week!).

The soup is made of “yin” ingredients. In Asian cuisine, which is totally assimilated as a medecine, the notion of balance differs from Western knowledge.

All the ingredients and dishes can be classified in yin (also “cold”, “female”) and yang (also “hot”, “male”).

According to you health conditions (healthy, pregnant -but still healthy!-, ill…) you would adapt your cuisine in order to keep balanced or to rebalance your body.

This soup contains white mushrooms, gougi beans and a white chinese flower (…name unknown…).

Lei assured me that nobody could find the ingredients but in China (meaning herself brought them back from her last trip there).

If you find them, here is the recipe:

– Boil the white mushrooms in 2L of water for 2 hours

– Add somme gouqi beans and sugar at your convenience (the soup is meant to be sweet) and keep cooking

– Finally add the white flowers and serve.

VoilĂ !


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