2 breakfasts in Guinea

Sophie loves to trek to discover Africa.

She usually joins a small group to walk through various countries of this continent.

This time, she came to Guinea.

She brought back 2 pictures of 2 types of breakfasts.

The first one was made in this big pot (difficult to catch and carrry!) :

This breakfast is composed of chicken meatballs, spices, a lot of onions (like in other dishes there)

and usually some rice, which is the most consumed food, not in Africa but more specifically in Guinea.

Rice is mostly imported from Asia, while the rice cultivated in Guinea is exported !!!

The other breakfast is made for trekkers, prepared and imagined by the local guides, consisting of Western connoted and consensual foods :

fake Nescafe, local Lipton tea (black), genuine Guinean baguettes, very good (drier and drier as the trek goes on, further and further away from anything,

but it still dries slower than a French baguette), Nicolac milk in powder, local pineapple jam, local margarine, sugar and sometimes some Vache Qui Rit.

(Breakfast experience by Sophie)

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