Breakfast in Brussells, Belgium

Un petit-déjeuner-buffet dans un hôtel de Bruxelles, en Belgique.

Le Warwick Barsey hôtel a une ambiance cosy, notamment grâce à ses lumières tamisées. Un style très britannique comprenant boiseries et bar à whisky.

Le petit déjeuner est servi dans la salle de restaurant immense et décorée de tableaux, de fauteuils, de lustres et de vaisselle en porcelaine.

On peut y trouver des croissants, des œufs brouillés, du bacon et des saucisses, du saumon fumé, mais aussi des fruits, des jus, des pains de différentes sortes ainsi que des laitages.

C’était très bon, particulièrement  avant d’attaquer une journée pluvieuse.

A buffet-breakfast in a hotel of Brussells, in Belgium.

The Warwick Barsey hotel has a cosy feeling, thanks notably to its soft lights. It is very British styled, including wooden panellings and a whisky bar.

The breakfast is served in the huge restaurant room, which is decorated with paintings, sofas, ceiling lights and chinaware.

For breakfast, we can find croissants, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages, smoked salmon and also fruits, juices, various kinds of bread and dairies.

It was very good, particularly before starting a rainy day.

© Cyril Bitton

© Cyril Bitton

© Cyril Bitton

© Cyril Bitton

© Cyril Bitton

© Cyril Bitton

© Cyril Bitton

Breakfast experience by Cyril.

Breakfast in Ios, Greece

Greek breakfast. Part 1. By Raquel and Alberto.

Vanilla, chocolate and banana bisuits made by the local baker

Vanilla, chocolate and banana biscuits made by the local baker / Biscuits à la vanille, au chocolat et à la banane réalisés par le boulanger local

  © Raquel & Alberto

Traditional cereal bread

Traditional cereal bread / Pain traditionnel aux céréales

  © Raquel & Alberto

Greek yoghurt with honey and fruits

Greek yoghurt with honey and fruits / Yaourt grec avec miel et fruits

  © Raquel & Alberto

Bread, biscuits and greek yoghurt

Bread, biscuits and greek yoghurt / Le pain, les biscuits et le yaourt grec

  © Raquel & Alberto

Breakfast in Bangkok tallest hotel (Thailand)

Your attention please!

You are entering the tallest hotel of Bangkok.

You are facing the view of an endless city.

You also are facing a wide choice of food, because you have reached the 84th floor and its “international breakfast buffet”.

The food is prepared and served by clinically dressed hotel staff.

You are about to get Eastern breakfast closer to Western breakfast,  in your plate.

In your plate : pancake and onigri,  fried eggs and miso soup, coconut dessert and orange juice, brown bread and tofu.

-> The view from the 84th floor

-> A cook, and a wide selection of bread and viennoiseries

-> A cook disposing fruits

-> Making the Indian bread roti canai

-> Thai “coconut mini crepe” : Kanon Krok

-> Plates on display :  vegetable omelette, scrambled eggs and a fried egg

-> Japanese onigris and miso soup, with fried eggs

-> Fresh tofu with spring onions in soya sauce

-> Cereal bread with butter

-> Indian dhal, Japanese soba noodles, Chinese lotus bun, pork bun and bouchée au porc. On top : watermelon, starfruit, dragon fruit and melon

-> Buttered brown bread, pancakes, a small butter ball and a fried egg

-> Ham, small butter balls, crakers and emmental (?) cheese

Breakfasts on the move 2 (Bangkok to Chiang Mai)

After only 24 hours spent in Bangkok, we took the night train to Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand.

-> Bangkok train station at night with people sitting on the floor, waiting for their train to arrive.

In the train, from the lady who takes orders and delivers food to the passengers, we chose a dinner and a breakfast for the next day.

The next day, when she arrived with our breakfasts, she agreed to have her picture taken.

This wasn’t a good breakfast at all, and so far away from an Asian breakfast. No rice (I had actually had asked for a rice porridge but we misunderstood eachother) ! But buttery sandwiches made of white bread and ham, sliced apples, fake orange juice and weak hot drinks.

Still, it was entertaining to have it while going through the forest of the hilly North of Thailand.

-> Chiang Mai train station in the late morning.

Breakfast in Luang Prabang (Laos)

A Pho at Luang Prabang.

Pho is a traditional breakfast, an habit shared among a few Asian countries. Laotian and Vietnamese for example eat this dish made of Pho noodles (flat thin rice noodles), beef and herbs in a beef froth, which is cooked for hours. Chicken versions also exist. On the side, you often have a selection of herbs, seasoning (and here bean sprouts) to arrange it at your taste.

The noodles, the restaurant and the dish share the same appellation : Pho. Simply.

If you want to eat this specific one, you can go to the peninsula of Luang Prabang. At the corner of the street, 50 meters away from the Wat Xieng Thong, you may find it !

(Breakfast experience by Adrien)

Breakfast in Manoir des Douets fleuris, Cancale (France)

This French breakfast combines traditional and international tastes.

Talking about traditional, it includes local exclusives : Malo yoghurt, homemade jam, Bordier butter and galettes bretonnes (an equivalent to crêpes) !

(Breakfast experience by Sovanna)